Saturday, 1 June 2013

Wildcat Kittens

The cat is amongst the pigeons... no, hang on... the pigeon is out of the bag?.. no, that's not right either... The cat is out of the bag!.. Or the kittens at least. Yes, we do have wildcat kittens here at the Centre.

Just over a month ago now, one of our females "Iona" gave birth to a litter of three kittens. We kept it quiet as to give her the best chance of rearing them successfully herself, and minimise the stress of several people trying to get a look in to her pen or hear the squeaks from the box.

However, now at the end of our busy half term week, the kittens have started to make an appearance for themselves... under the watchful eye of mum of course.

For a couple of spells through the day, they have been spotted poking their heads out of the box, feeding from mum, playing and climbing, before wearing themselves out and retreating back to bed for a nap.

We are all so pleased to have a litter here, and I of course will keep you updated with their progress as they grow and mature.

If you want to come and try and see them, then we are open every weekend and bank holiday through till the end of October... and everyday throughout the summer holidays for our local schools.

Please do respect the stand off barrier we have around the enclosure, stay the correct side of it, and this will not only give you the better possible view of the kittens (as mum will be more relaxed to let them come out), but also will mean less chance of the cats trying to get you!...

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  1. That is fantastic news. Hope all goes well this year for the family. Looking forward to seeing them all.


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