Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Stoat Kits

We are all very excited here at the centre, as we have stoat babies in the hedgerow!

Last year a young wild stoat came to us which had been caught by a cat... she was in a bad way, and Katie took on the job of looking after her. After much care she survived, but became too friendly to release and so we offered her a home here in our hedgerow.

Last week I was washing windows, and heard a squeaking noise... and rushing over to the stoat pen, saw "Dorris" carrying two of her kits down a hole in a log. From the size of them I am guessing they are about four weeks old. Their eyes are still closed, but they have started to wean and nibble on solid food.

Having not been with a male stoat here, is it still not a great surprise that she was pregnant as they do have delayed implantation. Female stoats reproductive system develops very quickly form birth, and often a male will go into a nest site and mate with the females kits when they are still very young!

I will keep you updated of their progress over the coming months.

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