Thursday, 30 January 2014

BWC Photo Comp 2013: Runners Up

Okay, so here they are... It is time to announce the winners and runners up of last years BWC Photographic Competition. In previous years we have spread the announcements out over a few posts, one for each category, but this year we will just do the two. Today we will show you the runners up and then on Monday we will announce the category winners... leaving the overall winner to be announced at the end of next week.

Many thanks once again to Danny Green for selecting his favourites out of the categories, and great thanks to all who entered and helped support the competition over the past year.

So, on to the runners up...

Animal Portrait Runner Up

"There you are!" by rob'81 - flickr

Animal in their Habitat Runner Up

 "Red fox, Frodo, hides behind trees" by crowlem - flickr

Animal in Motion Runner Up

 "42/52 Run!" by wacka quacker - flickr

Animal and their Keeper Runner Up

 "Leonie and Flo" by dap's images - flickr

Fauna Fun Runner Up

 "Thith thalmon ith thalty" by gus h - flickr

Junior Runner Up

 "Red fox" by km-photography98 - flickr

Congratulations to the runners up, who will all be displayed in our gallery in the coffee shop over the coming year.

The category winners will be announced on Monday, with the overall winner being shown at the end of next week. Keep an eye on the blog around mid February for news on our photo gallery going forward!

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