Saturday, 11 January 2014

BWC Photo Comp: "Animal Portraits" Shortlist

OK, here is the one many of you have been waiting for, our shortlist for the "Animal Portrait" category. As previous years it was our most entered section with nearly 250 photographs submitted!

A wide range of animals where taken this year for this section, with no clear animal leading the way, but I am sure you will agree there are some great photos here. 

As with all the sections, you can see all the photos submitted through flickr over on our flickr group page linked to the right. Unfortunately we are unable to show you all the photographs we received via email, unless they were shortlisted.

Danny Green will select his favourite photographs from each category, which will be announced around early February. The winners of each category receive a years membership to the wildlife centre.

As I have mentioned before, please do have a look at Danny's websites to see some of his photography. He is one of the best wildlife photographers out there, and has a strong interest in photographing our wonderful British wildlife really showing them off to their fullest! Danny also offers workshops and days out in hides around the country to give you the best opportunities to photograph some of your favourite British animals.


 "Badger profile" by tenpinphil - flickr

 "Foxy Flo" by flower snow - flickr

 "Grass Snake" by karenj2000 - flickr

 "OK, you caught me, I just got out of bed" by casamacca - flickr

 "Polecats do stand still occasionally" by caldwell creations - flickr

 "Red squirrel" by pad p - flickr

 "Red squirrel" by westhamwolf - flickr

 "Snowy owl in winter" by Ray Kilhm - email

 "There you are!" by rob'81 - flickr

"Water vole close-up" by old-man-george - flickr


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