Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Absolute Photo App Magazine

We have had a lot of publicity over our photographic competition recently. National newspapers yesterday, and regional BBC news today! All this reminded me of a video we did a while back, and were asked not to share until the mid of February. I thought some of you may like to see it, so I have embedded it above.

This video was made for Absolute Photo. An App magazine about photography by Bright Publishing. We have done a lot with them in the past, and thought this would be a nice new venture to support one of their new App Magazines.

The questions were quite specific, hence the answers, and they wanted to stay away from the technical bits which was nice for a change. Anyway, have a look and have a little laugh. It was a good afternoon, and the guys were really nice to work with. If nothing else you get to listen to some great banjo tunes!

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