Thursday, 27 February 2014

Emerging from Hibernation

Yesterday the adders were seen out for the first time this year. Earlier today, they were seen out again, and so it seems the warmer weather is beginning to slowly wake them from their hibernation.

The male adders tend to emerge first, slough their skin and feed, before the females emerge a few weeks later. We have three male adders and two females on display, so if the sun is out this weekend, make sure you spare some time to spend a few minutes looking out for our adders in their enclosure.

Our other hibernating animals are beginning to stir too. Our edible dormice and bats have been awake for a few days now, and our hedgehogs are starting to feed more regularly in the evenings. This means we can add them back to our schedule of keeper talks, so from this weekend going forward we are changing to our summer schedule of talks which will be as follows:

10.30 - Red Squirrels (in the Copse)
11.00 - Foxes
11.30 - Wildcats
12.00 - Otters
12.30 - Red Deer
01.00 - Hedgehogs
01.30 - Foxes
02.00 - Wildcats
02.30 - Otters
03.00 - Badgers
03.30 - Pine Martens (back by popular demand!)
04.00 - Owl Display (in the Dell)

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