Sunday, 16 February 2014

Welcome to Meg

Okay, time to introduce to you our second new keeper. I have spoken to many of you over the past year about the increase in work load us keepers have experienced here over the past two years. This has been due to both an increase in livestock and an increase in booked groups, all while maintaining the high standards of animal care we have set ourselves. We are now open to the public every weekend of the year too.

So, the solution is to change our summer keeper position to a new full time, all year round position. And our solution to this is Meg!

Meg has studied Animal Management at Plumpton College, and after a short spell working in a pet shop, decided that wasn't for her and that she is more destined to work with the conservation and education of wildlife.

Meg started here at the beginning of the week, and has already settled in well. As always, I am sure you will all make her feel very welcome and do say hello next time you see her around the Centre.

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