Saturday, 1 March 2014

BWC Photographic Competition 2014

Taken by Izzy's-Photos - flickr

It is time to announce he launch of our 4th annual BWC Photographic competition. Last years was a huge success, and even found national fame with being publicised in the Times newspaper and Daily Mail online, and TV stardom with a spot on BBC South East news!

To find out full details on the categories and how to enter, either follow this link to the official BWC website or have a look under the Photo Competition tab at the top of this page. But in brief...

The competition opens today, Saturday the 1st of March. The closing date for entries is Friday the 14th of November, 2014. 

Photographs must have been taken at the Centre during this year. You can enter your photographs be either putting them in to the relevant discussion category in out BWC Flickr group, or by emailing them to us at 

The competition will be judged by our judging panel of Owner David Mills, Head Keeper and Photographer Matt Binstead and headed by a professional wildlife photographer who will pick the winning images.

As before, winners and runners-up of each category will be displayed for the following year in our gallery in the coffee shop. Winners of each category will receive a membership to the Centre for a year, and over all winner of the competition will win an exclusive photographic day here at the Centre with the Head Keeper.

You are allowed to enter as many categories as you wish, but please remember only two photographs per category. As a reminder, the categories are as follows:

Animal Portrait:
A classic portrait where the animal fills the shot, or showing the animal off in a different light
Taken by Flower Snow - flickr

Animals in their Habitat:
Photo of an animal in very natural surroundings, as if it could have been taken in the wild
Taken by Crowlem - flickr

Animals in Motion:
Animal in action, be it flying, feeding, running, playing, swimming etc...
Taken by Russell Harvey

Animals and their Keepers:
Animals interacting with our keeper, showing the mutual bond they share
Taken by Dap's Images

Fauna Fun:
Fun image of our animals, with a fun caption to go alongside it
"I can roar like a lion" - taken by Gary Stamp

Anything goes in this category, as long as the photographer is aged 16 years or under at the time of taking the photograph
Taken by Kyle Moore

I will post reminders throughout the year, but for now... Good Luck to all who enter!


  1. Do any of the staff have a copy of the Times with the article that we could see - I saw it on the Mail online but didn't know it was in the Times?

    1. Best bet is to email/phone the office and ask for Liza. She deals with the competition and the publicity of it, so I would imagine she has a copy of it somewhere and could at the least send you a scan of it.

  2. Thanks Matt - the reporter lady did say she'd let me know when it went to press but I can imagine she could be rather busy.


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