Monday, 17 March 2014

Giant Hedgehog

We had a new arrival to the Centre last week, and have moved him to his permanent home today. Meet our new giant hedgehog!

You may have seen him before, in pictures in the news or even in person in some of the parks around the country.

This extra large hedgehog was built for and displayed by Watch TV to help launch the new series of David Attenborough's "Natural Curiosities" for which the hedgehog features in one of the episodes.

Having toured the country, this hedgehog needed a permanent home, and was kindly offered to us as a donation to the Centre and the good work we do. Of course we loved it, and have placed it by the main entrance to the park where we hope it will make a "grand", pun intended, statement.

It certainly catches the eye, and will be a welcome to the Centre the next time you visit.

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