Thursday, 6 March 2014

Farewell Leonie

Yesterday was Leonie's last day as a keeper at the BWC. She has always thought of going travelling, and with the temptation and lure of a certain "Richy Bear" the other side of the world, she has decided to go to Australia!

Leonie has been at the Centre for the past three years, and has really grown as a person and a keeper in that time. She has enjoyed all aspects of the work and truly has been an asset  to my team... something I think we are all unanimous on here.

I would like to thank Leonie for all her hard work over the years, her dedication to the Centre and to the education and conservation work we carry out. She will be missed by us all and the animals alike.

Good luck on your travels, have fun and don't forget to stay in touch. I will send you pics of Kevin over the summer... Pinky promise.


  1. Good Luck Leonie, enjoy your travels and thank you for all your help to us as member of BWC, we'll miss you :-(


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