Monday, 5 January 2015

Highland Cows on the Reserve

Our three new Highland cows are now out on the nature reserve, and they really do look good to there! You may be lucky enough to see them from the Wetland Boardwalk, but at the moment a better place may actually be from the second car park at the Centre, right on the edge of the nature reserve.

Last year saw the completion of our reserve in terms of the landscaping, and so now the trucks and digger are no longer visiting, it puts us in the position where we can, and have to, start actively managing the habitat.

This is great news of course, and has already seen many new species arrive at the Centre over the years in our original 16 acres. This new 10 acres we have completed bring our reserve up to around 26 acres of habitat for wildlife!

The new area is being created as a wildflower meadow. We are hoping this will attract in many new bird species and invertebrates, to add to the mammals, birds and reptiles we already have out there.

So where do the cows come in?.. Well, we need to graze the different habitats we have and what better way than with natural conservation grazing. Using the highland cows, the horses we already have, and on occasion loan of sheep from the family farm we will hopefully keep the reserve looking nice and a thriving habitat for wildlife.


  1. Love that first photo! Hope to get there myself to photograph then one day! :-)

    1. Thank you Jo, taken with a fisheye lens so a little quirky :-) I have one of the sandy coloured one that looks like he is smiling.


    2. You really should publish a book of your photos. I bought the BWPA book as I loved the one of the owl flying over the bluebells.

    3. Hi Jo,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am pleased to hear you like my photos. A book?.. Maybe one day :-)