Saturday, 12 December 2015

November's Photo of the Month

"Red Squirrel" by Tim Dawes

A very busy few weeks recently as our last few groups have been visiting for the year, and then all hands on deck to get the larger jobs done in our relatively small downtime! A little more on this next time, but for now lets move on to Novembers photographs!

As you can imagine, a lot of photos of Frodo have been shared around the internet this past month. A few new, many old, and recognition by both amateur and professional photographers for the joy he brought. It may be a surprise then that I chose this photo above by Tim Dawes as one of my favorites for November.

I loved this photo from the first moment I saw it. Our squirrels are friendly enough to allow you to get really nice close ups, but rather than go for the usual zoom lens effect Tim has used a wider angle exaggerating the proportions of the squirrel slightly, but still showing the background. This effect almost looks like the squirrel is popping out of the photo, and look at the size of his feet! In the end, it is a photo that just makes me smile every time I look at it... Well done Tim.

To see more of Tim Dawes photos, have a look at his photostream on flickr linked in his name. As with all our photos of the month, Tim's photo will be on display next year in our coffee shop gallery and be in with a chance of winning a photo day here at the Centre.

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