Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Winter Opening

"360 Deer Park " by John Jefferies

An unusual photo above!?... I'll get to that in a moment, but firstly let me remind you all that this year we are open to the public for the few days before Christmas as well as our usual days after Christmas.

So, next week we are open on the Momday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas. We then close for Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day, before again opening on the 27th and all through the following week. After which it will be back to weekends, bank holidays and school holidays as usual.

So if you fancy relaxing a bit before the hectic festivities, or spending a bout of time away from the family or walking off your dinner after it is all over... why not come and see us.

ANyway, back to the image at the top of the post, and this one here. This was taken by member John Jefferies... but to really appreciate it (yes, they are both the same photo!), you need to click on one of the images to take you to the original.

John first shared this with us on our Facebook group. From the image above I didn't know what to expect, but clicked on it out of curiosity, and it took me to the original where you can rotate and zoom in and out of this photo.

This is a single photo, taken on 360 degree camera, amazing! By using the arrows at the bottom you can get a full view of the deer park 360 degrees around, above and below. It really is something, so if you have the time take a quick look.

Thanks to John for allowing me to share this here, and you can see some of his other photos on his flickr stream linked here.

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