Friday, 6 May 2016

Dancing Adders

Umm... The adders are dancing!... Look forward to seeing many of you here this weekend :-)

A bit more write? oh, OK...

Photography day here at the Centre, and how lucky are they to have witnessed this! I got a call about an hour ago to say the adders were dancing, so rushed over to have a look. It only lasted a few minutes, but long enough to get some record shots to share with you, and long enough to show that it is the start of this behaviour for this year. I then rushed back home to quickly upload these images before the weekend.

Two males going at it for a while, but I did not see a female at all. They were probably hiding away having been fed yesterday.

They were not fully at it, a little slow to be honest, but it is the first bout that we know of this year so today they have peaked, and now they are on their way up, hey Meg :-)

During a break, this one decided to have a bit of a practice... eh, well not really. He probably just caught scent of something on the leaves above.

Then realising I caught him out, came over to say hello. After last years experience, they are much bolder around me, and he decided to check out my camera again. Gold star to the first person to photograph them crawling over my camera, bit difficult for me to get that shot.

Finally... Apologies to Helen Haden. She was chosen as our April's photograph of the month, but I only put it up yesterday and have now already updated the blog with the adders. I normally leave the photo of the month up for a few days for people to see and enjoy, but I hope she, and you all, appreciate I had to mention the dancing adders as so many people are waiting for it... And we are open this weekend, perfect timing!

With that in mind, have another look at that great photo by Helen below, and click on it to go to the last blog post sharing a couple of other photos taken at the Centre last month.

"Little Owl" by Helen Haden

Beautiful isn't it? Well done Helen.

See some of you here over the weekend, and if I get any more dancing adder pics I will share them with you over the coming week.

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