Saturday, 14 May 2016

Heron Chicks

"Heron" by Etienne Fournier

The herons on our reserve have had chicks for a few weeks now. I have been keeping an eye open to try and get some picture for you, but with very little success, so when I saw these beautiful photographs taken by Etienne Fournier on our flickr page I just had to share them with you!

"Heron with chicks" by Etienne Fournier

Etienne Fournier managed to capture a series of stunning pictures of one of the adults returning to her nest, and feeding the youngsters. I am sharing a couple of them here, but please do take the time to visit their flickr page linked in the name. You will be rewarded with about a dozen photos of this interaction, including the mother bringing the fish head back up, catching it, and then feeding it to one of the chicks.

"Heron feeding chicks" by Etienne Fournier

Really great photos, and showing our nature reserve herons are still going strong. Etienne Fournier even managed to get a few pictures of a rare visitor to the Centre... a red kite! Red kites are not often seen here, but are slowly getting more frequent each year. A few more years time and it will be nice to hopefully see them most days as we do our local wild buzzards.

"Red Kite" by Etienne Fournier

The wildlife on our reserve keeps going from strength to strength, and with the recent expansion even more sightings are being seen. Fingers crossed our wildflower meadow will be a success and add another habitat to attract even more wildlife to our grounds.

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