Saturday, 17 March 2018

Keeper Talks

Lick your lips everyone, the summer season of talks is here...

Yes, it seems strange to call it our summer season of talks when spring hasn't even fully arrived yet, but these are the new "Keeper Talks" that usually last us through till our winter season at the end of October.

For those new to the Centre, the new talk schedule sees us add in three very popular animals which are just a little less active to star during the winter.

Hedgehogs are now at 1pm, replacing the polecat talk. Pine martens are at 3pm and Badgers are at 3.30pm. This means two extra talks every day for you all... aren't we good to you.

For those regulars who have visited over the years, note the badgers and pine marten times are slightly different this year to previous years. Just something we are trying out, and if it is no better, then we may well change back before the real summer season hits.

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