Friday, 2 March 2018

Photo of the Month: February 2018

"Harvest Mouse" by Marco Cinnirella

Brrr!.. What a cold few days we have had here. With more snow falling this afternoon, there may well be a small covering over the weekend for any budding photographers out there, keep in mind though that the last few days has seen any snow we have had disappear quite quickly. Either way, the otter ponds will probably still be iced over, and you will be able to enjoy the two cubs coming to terms with this new experience.

As for February, we had some lovely photos shared, some old and some new... and we went for this photograph of a harvest mouse taken by Marco Cinnirella on a photo day earlier this month to be our photo of the month for February.

Marco's picture will be in our gallery for 2019, and be in with a chance to win a photo day here at the Centre. Below you will see a few more photos shared, and to see more by Marco or the other photographers ,just click on the link in their names.

"Hedgehog" by Andre Neves

"Young Otter Cub" by Bett Atherton

"Running Fallow" by Bob Howell

"Weasel" by Philip Harris

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos of these little guys. We just had snow here, and its great to sit in a warm house looking at these beautiful photos. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals


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