Saturday, 10 March 2018

Otter Cubs on Ice

The cold snap that hit us last week has gone, and the milder weather we have now really makes it seem like Spring is just round the corner. This will be welcome news for a lot of our animals, and will see a few more of our residents wake from their winter slumber. 

Our hibernating dormice, bats and hedgehogs should begin to stir. Our snakes will begin to think about emerging for the first time this year, and despite not hibernating, our badgers and squirrels do slow down in activity during the winter months... and so should begin to be seen more frequently. 

With this in mind, next weekend sees our new season of talks with Hedgehogs and Badgers added to the schedule, as well as the Pine Marten talk returning meaning two extra talks every day we are open for you to see. 

One animal that really enjoyed the cold last week though were our otters! I have mentioned before about them chasing each other under, over and through the ice, and last week was no different.

Elwood is used to this weather, having seen it all before. This can't be said for our otter cubs though, who on the first day of the frozen pond and with the snow falling weren't sure what to make of it all...

Both Harry and Beatrix would run after mum and dad as the leapt on to the ice, but the cubs would screech to a halt and stay on the bank.

It only took an extra day though, and then they were well at home on the solid ponds.

Great fun was had chasing mum and dad, and running back and forth over the ice...

Well, at least for Harry anyway. Beatrix was still very wary, and would come up to the ice, but often just stayed in the water by the edge waiting for her brother to come back to her.

Buster is an old pro at ice walking, wondering what all the fuss was about. The ice only lasted a couple of days, a real short spell compared to previous years, but they still made the most of it.

Don't forget, new talk schedule from next weekend... also, a date for the diary... our Members Evening this year will be on Saturday the 7th of July. More details on that nearer the time.

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