Sunday, 7 July 2019

Hedgehog Hoglets

Many thanks to all who came along to our "Members Evening" last night. It was a successful night, and extra talks gave the usual opportunity for you to get up close and photograph our harvest mice on a more intimate level, and allow us to update you on the work we are doing with all our mustelids, either in conservation, research or both.

Perhaps the unannounced stars of the evening though were our 4 little hoglets. They were on display for the first time in the Dell, being closely watched by surrogate mum Keeper Meg, who is currently hand rearing them.

These four little hedgehogs came in to us a few weeks ago having been found abandoned in someones back yard. Being left for a couple of days, they were cold, hungry and dehydrated and so a lot of initial work and care was needed to bring them round. Very underweight, they are only now beginning to catch up to where they should be for their age. Meg is doing a great job!

These hoglets will stay with us now, being as friendly as they are. A couple of them will be used for education work, and meet the many school groups we have in each year, and the others will be allowed to breed for potential releases in to hedgehog friendly gardens in the future.

Oh, I didn't mention their names. Wait for it... Quil.I.Am, Amy Spinehouse, Snoophog and Cruela D'Quil.

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