Monday, 1 July 2019

Polecat Kits

This year we have had two successful litters of polecats from two of our breeding pairs, including our main display pair Whitstable and Oriel. Now, at around 8 weeks old, they are beginning to venture out of their nesting areas to explore their home... much to the annoyance of mum, who keeps trying to take them back underground.

Watching them closely, we think she has had 4 kitts this year. A litter on the smaller side for a polecat, but then she is an old mum now and only had the two last year. The best time to try and see them is shortly before we feed them... which is usually shortly before our badger talk at 3.30pm.

All are looking good, bright and healthy. Off display we have another litter, a few weeks younger, from a new and younger pair of polecats. We are unsure how many she has had at the moment, but for a first time mum she seems to be doing really well in looking after them.

All these kits, along with others bred at other Centres, are part of the breeding program where they will be released back in to the wild.


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