Saturday, 13 July 2019

Photo of the Month: June 2019

"Red Squirrel" by Jane Hamilton

Our chosen photo of the month for June is this beautiful portrait of one of our red squirrels, taken in our walk through enclosure. Our squirrels have been slowly settling back in to their old ways since being re-released out in to the copse, and are getting bolder and more confident by the day. This photograph was taken by Jane Hamilton, and will be in our coffee shop gallery next year.

More photos from our visitors are shared below, and as always click on the names of the photographers if you would like to see more of their photographs.

"Yellow Neck Mouse" by Karen Jones

"Grumpy Owl" by Sean Collins

"Scottish Wildcat" by Philip Harris

"Wood Mouse" by Robert German

"Heron" by Irene Ford

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