Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Archimedes debut flight

Archimedes, our new long-eared owl chick, took his first flight in front of the public this past weekend. Having been part of a static display on a few occasions over the Summer, we thought we would start him earning his keep as a member of our flying team.

Behind closed doors he has been progressing very quickly and extremely well. Saturday was his debut, keeping him on the training line (creance), he successfully completed his display. Therefore it was straight off with the creance the following day, and Sunday showed him off for the first time flying free!

Long-eared owls are one of the least known of the 7 British owls, and rarely seen in captivity as well as the wild. We are therefore very lucky to have a friendly flying long-eared owl. Already he is a huge success with the photographers that frequent here as not many places can offer one as a photographic subject. The fact that he is flying now is an added bonus.

Be sure to check out our owl display at 4.00pm every weekend till we close at the end of October, and you may well get to see Archimedes in all his splendor!

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