Saturday, 18 September 2010

BWC Summer photo competition

So the Summer photographic competition has ended, the entries have been seen and judged by professional wildlife photographer Heather Angel. But before I announce the winner, I thought I would show of some of my favorites from the over 100 entries we received.

Above is a beautiful portrait of one of our orphaned badger cubs, taken by "nitram0864" via flickr. As well as straight portraits we also got a nice mix of interaction with animals and keepers and even a few arty shots as well.

The most popular animals this competition were the Red Squirrel, maybe influenced by the Spring photo winner, and unsurprisingly our wildcat kittens which have seen many photographers camped out by their enclosure over the Summer weeks.

Wildcat kitten "Really wild" taken by "Scrappergill" via flickr

Eddie our albino squirrel taken by "Shaftinaction" via flickr, I liked seeing some of the less popular animals crop up in this Summers competition.

"Roe fawn leaping into cover" taken by "KarenJ2000" via flickr

Strix and Aluco taken by "Jaydonluck" via flickr

"No you back down" taken by "Sean Cameron" 

"Caught in the light" taken by "Martha Stevenson" via flickr

"Ooh, that's sharp" taken by "Rich3591" via flickr

"I think you are gorgeous" taken by "Linda Fenner"

If there was a competition for best caption, then I think this one would have taken it!
"No photos please" taken by "Peter Hedger" via flickr

It was a difficult choice for Heather, but she chose an overall winner and 2 special commendations. I will announce the winner and launch the Winter competition on Monday.

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