Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Polecat Kits

Once again this year we had a successful litter of polecat kits from our main pair, "Storm & Velvet" And, once again, they are among the most beautiful polecats I have ever seen! These two have a real flare for producing some stunning animals.

Of the seven kits, 6 were females, and two of these have already made their way to a new home. Of the remaining 5, some of them will eventually be released back in to the wild to help bring polecat numbers back to the UK.

Proud mum, Velvet, will be pleased to get rid of them...  think she is tiring of having them around now and looking forward to some peace and quiet. Over the next week we will be catching up the kits to move off-display. Here we will have less contact with them to prepare them for the big wide world, while they await collection for their new exciting futures.

This weekend will be the last chance to see them bundling around and playing in the afternoon, so get down here if you can for one last glimpse before they head off to freedom.

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  1. Then I am considering myself fortunate that we saw them on Saturday!


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