Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tawnies and Kestrel back on Display

After a short break while enclosure repairs were made, our tawny owls and kestrel are back on display. Tawny owls "Magnus" and "Whicket" have settled in very well, and may even breed next year.

Our kestrel, "Rush", is taking a bit more time to settle. Quite happy on his own, he does get a little flighty when too many people rush over to see him. Please bear this in mind when you go to say hello while he gets used to being on display.

Hopefully next year we will be able to find Rush a mate, and possibly breed kestrels too. We could then look at adding another kestrel to our flying team, along with our buzzard and peregrine, after the retirement of "Kes."

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  1. Great news Matt, that the birds are back on display again. We look foward to seeing them again soon. Keep the good work up...James/Janice McKenzie


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