Thursday, 1 May 2014

Harvest Mice Release

With the nicer, warmer weather over the past few weeks, we really have given our harvest mice release a real boost.

We have released more down on our nature reserve, around the boardwalk,  and hope they will survive and begin to spread on their own. The nature reserve has been surveyed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust, and has been deemed suitable habitat for a release programme for harvest mice.

We will continue to release mice out there this year, and hope to get the SWT or a student to do a population survey over the summer to see id they really are thriving. It is hoped that if they are, then in the future we can release harvest mice in other areas of our 26 acre reserve, and over the course of a good few years, really create a nice safe haven for them out on our reserve.

Our water vole releases have been exceptional, and we have a colony around the boardwalk which are seen almost everyday! We hope that in the future this will be true for harvest mice too.

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