Sunday, 25 May 2014

New Aviaries

Our new display aviaries are finally done... there is a little bit of tidying up to do in the centre island, and we still have to build our off display pens around the back, but the owls have their new homes, and have been moved in ready for Bank holiday tomorrow and the following week.

These new aviaries really do make that corner of the Centre look smart. The design of the pens was thought out with consultation with a few bird of prey/falconer experts. In particular, Julian Ford of Huxleys Bird of Prey Centre in Horsham gave us a huge amount of time and advice in planning out the owls new homes.

Once the simple design was done, we did what we always do, and built on it to come up with something a bit more special. All the pens have been furnished to mimic similar wild habitats. Owner David Mills took control with this, and put his artistic flair to good use to really create something.

Over the last couple of days we have moved the owls in. It will take a little time for them to settle, and for us to get in to new routines of them now being on display, but even today they seemed comfortable in these aviaries.

Some of our flying owls are on display now too, so you can see them even before they come out to perform. Here you can see Hedwig in his tundra themed pen, looking cool!.. get it, "cool"... arctic tundra... arctic... where its cold... oh dear

Archimedes above and Ethel below seemed have found a favoured perch already, and seemed to enjoy looking out at the people coming and going.

Have a good look next time you are here. The new aviaries really show off our owls well, it is now easier to see them, more comfortable and better for the owls and hopefully a little easier for us to manage too.

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