Friday, 30 May 2014

New Mink

Last week we had a new arrival to the Centre. A young female mink, who we have called "Mindy"... or Mindy 2 for those that have been following us for a while.

Our old female mink died of old age at the end of last year. Having originally been caught in the wild, we offered her a safe home rather than the alternative... of course when from the wild it is difficult to know the age of the animal.

Our new Mindy, above, was captive bred by the Westcountry Wildlife Photography Centre. Isn't she beautiful? This stunning photo of her above was taken by Sean Weekly, and I have linked his flickr photo stream to the image and his name. If you have time, check it out for some more incredible photos of our animals!

Mindy is still settling in, and currently mainly active in the evenings. But I am sure it will not be long until she is out waiting in the afternoon for her food along with Mork.

Just to pre-empt the question... No we do not breed our mink. Mork has been neutered. The reason why we keep our mink here on display is to educate the public and school groups who visit about their destructive and invasive behaviour, and why it is so important to control them in the wild.

You have to admit though, she is a beauty!

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