Monday, 19 May 2014

New Keeper Update

Our new keepers have been here for what feels like ever, and I mean that in a good way... No really I do... Honest...

Three months ago they started, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager to please and with a desire to learn. They were pleasant young people with great potential and sound minds, and after just three months with the rest of my team... well, best not go there. Let's just say they are doing great!

Daisy, Little Tom and Meg have settled in so well. It must be no surprise that I was a little concerned with such a big change with half the team being new and not knowing what they are doing, especially as it was at the beginning of our busy season, but I could not of asked for more from the three youngsters.

They really have picked things up quickly, have had great praise back from the schools they have taken around and delivered some inspiring keeper talks. It has certainly made my job easier, but the hard work has only just begun. All three of them know that they still have a lot to learn, and a lot of experience to gain.  In this job it is a constant learning curve, with us all always picking up new things.

All of the keeping team, old, older and new are dedicated to the good work that we do, and all of them are happy to do the extra bit when needed, all to help spread the good word about British wildlife, educate the masses and contribute to vital conservation projects.

Without our team of keepers, we could not do all we do, it is a low paid job but the reward is the passion for the work we do, the bonds we form with the animals and with each other. We are like a second family, helping each other learn, leading all through the trials and celebrating the victories.

I love you all *sniff *sniff

Now wheres the tissues...

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