Friday, 19 September 2014

British Isles Wildcats

A thought that crossed our minds the other day was our Scottish Wildcats!.. What if Scotland goes independent?

Our remit has been, and will always be, to house and display animals that are currently found living in the wild of Great Britain today. If Scotland had voted for independence, would this of meant we were looking after our first exotic animal? Would we have to think about moving them on?

I don't fully understand the whole United Kingdom, Great Britain, British Isles differences... but would leaving the UK mean leaving Great Britain too, but if so surely they would still be part of the British Isles... We could get away with still keeping them then I guess?..

Of course this is all in jest, but led to a very rare political discussion amongst the keepers one morning tea break!

As you know, we took a hiatus from breeding our wildcats this year, and having still not had our kittens from last year re-homed it looks unlikely we will have space to breed them next year.

A real shame with all the conservation work currently going on, but if things change and we or other collections have space then we will continue with the success we have had with breeding these rare animals. 

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