Monday, 15 September 2014

Polecat Babies

Our polecat babies are doing very well, and as most of you know now, have been separated from their mum... Mags... to give her a break. Later this year we will be having a little bit of a shake up in terms of our polecats. The mother of the litter, Mags, will be moving on to another home. This will allow us to house a new and young breeding pair here at the Centre for next year.

We will still be keeping Storm and Velvet. Although they didn't breed this year, and it may be due to Velvet now getting on a little, they are a great pair and have been here most of their lives.

So this leaves our kittens... We sexed these over the weekend, and of the eight we have two were males and six were females! And boy were they feisty!!! Great news of course, as they will eventually be released back out in to the wild to help support wild populations. I will let you know more when they are collected.


  1. where abouts in the UK are wild polecats still found? well done with your breeding success! Owen

    1. They are mainly still in Wales and the welsh borders, but have good populations through the midlands and central southern England. Other smaller populations can be found scattered throughout England and Scotland.