Monday, 22 September 2014

Red Squirrel Collection

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been welcoming to the centre many of the red squirrels that have beed bred as part of our breeding group, and a few new squirrels from other collections too which will be added to our program to supply some new blood.

We have still to welcome a few more in the coming weeks, but then we will be in a position to sort throughout them all and strengthen our breeding stock here as well as allocate the ones which will move on to new homes... including many which will be released back in to the wild.

It is always a manic time of year for us with this may squirrels on site, but also an exciting one of knowing what is coming up around the corner. This year we are helping to supply squirrels for a project closer to home, and helping along with another breeding group based elsewhere. I apologise for being so secretive at the moment, but soon, very soon hopefully, I will be able to tell you where this years release will be.

Watch this space.

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