Monday, 25 January 2016

Daisy Leaving

You may remember that 2 years a go the keeper team had a bit of a shake up with three new young keepers entering the fold. One of these was Daisy, and after 2 years of experience she has now decided the time is right for her to move on and further her career in conservation.

Daisy arrived bright eyed, bushy tailed and with a smile on her face and left... well, exactly the same! Always approachable by visitors, always giving the up most care to the animals and always with her bubbly (if slightly crazy) personality.

Daisy was an asset to my team, displaying the rare qualities of being able to both care for our animals to our high standard and engage with the public on all levels and experience. She is moving on to work in environmental conservation, and returning to college part time for some additional training.

Daisy's last day here was last Friday. She will be missed by the team and all the animals here, as well as many of the members who regularly visit us. We all wish Daisy the very best in her new job and career, and hope she doesn't forget to come and see us in the future and let us know how she is doing.


  1. Absolutely loved Daisy's enthusiasm when I came to the centre in May last year! All the best of luck for the future!

  2. Good luck to Daisy. Another keeper that will be missed.


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