Friday, 8 January 2016

December's Photo of the Month

"Macavity Snarling" by Duncan Jennings

So here it is, our last photo of the month from 2015! Duncan Jennings photo of one of our wildcats, Macavity, snarling.

December was a quiet month for photo sharing, unsurprising with the unpredictable weather and festive holidays, and saw our red squirrels as being most popular popping up over various websites. We also found a lot of photos shared that had been taken earlier in the year, including some beautiful ones of our foxes, but it was this one above taken in December which I chose.

It is difficult to take a photograph of one of out wildcats and make it look "wild", but Duncan has done a great job here. He has timed it well to capture the snarl beautifully, really showing off the cat's character. The close crop intensifies the emotion and the detail within the whiskers and fur is stunning. What makes this even better is that it would have been taken from outside the enclosure, showing that with the right technique you can still take cracking images on one of our open days.

Well done Duncan! Your photo will be on display later this year in our coffee shop gallery, and be in with a chance to win a photographic day here at the Centre if selected out of the final 12 images by our professional judge.

To see more of Duncan's photos, click on the link in his name to go to his flickr photostream.

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