Thursday, 21 January 2016


Rumours abound that the BWC had some snow at the weekend! Did we?.. Well, kinda...

We woke up Sunday morning to a small flurry of snow covering, and I use the term "covering" loosely, the Centre. Less than an inch had fallen overnight, barely concealing the grass and paths,  and by lunch time most of it had melted.

I know the photo above makes it look like there was more than I am saying, but I spent time with the squirrels early before we opened and, uh, did a bit of set building freezing my hands off while piling the snow up in a small area for the squirrels to sit on.

A lot of photographers turned up to enjoy the weather, many expecting more as areas not far from us had a good inch or more, but I think still left pleased having seen our animals enjoy the snow.

Three photos from Sunday morning, to show the snow off, and to test the new widths on the blog. Hope you like the larger photos, and remember as always to see them even larger you can click on one of them to bring all in the post up in a slideshow.


  1. Like the new size photos Matt, look forward to coming back to the centre soon.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the feedback. So far thoughts have been positive, but if the general consensus is to return to smaller pictures we can do that easily... I think the new width will stay either way, the older posts look just as good even with the smaller images.



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