Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

The weather is beginning to get a little colder... OK, still not cold enough for our otters to enjoy the ice and snow again, but it is chillier that it has been. A cold snap is forecast for a few weeks soon, and although no snow is expected, it will hopefully settle our animals many of which seem to be out of season with the mild winter we have had so far.

So what is set for 2016?.. The general tidying of the Centre will continue, hopefully many of you have noticed the smarter looking car park, well this has continued in to the Reception area and will spread to continue around the Centre where the squirrel enclosure has started. New arrivals, and animals moving on are set for this year and of course news will be shared here as and when this occurs.

As for this blog... possibly a slightly new look will emerge later this month. Nothing drastic, don't worry, but I have had many people ask if the pictures could be displayed bigger. I will remind you, you can click on them to make them appear bigger, but I understand that a lot of you view this on large monitors and so could afford for the blog scaling to be altered. I will try this at some point, and if it works great, if not... well we can change it back again.

So, 2016, later this week we will share our final photo of the month for 2015 and then it will be up to our judge to chose their favourite out of the 12 to be shared later this month.

All the best for 2016, hope it's a good year for you all!

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