Sunday, 27 July 2014

New Aviaries for the Birds of Prey

Recently we have been working on some off-display aviaries for our owls and birds of prey. These are aviaries that we can use to move one of our owls off display if we ever need to... if they become ill, if a new owls come in before moving on to display etc.

A few of these aviaries are on display as you walk over towards our wetland boardwalk, and so we decided to put some of our birds of prey in these ones. Here you will see a buzzard, peregrine and kestrel. Our kestrel is still quite flighty, but is still settling in. We will give him a couple of days to see how he goes, but if he remains unsettled we will move him back to an off-display aviary.

This is Jack, the peregrine, above. He has settled in well, and is still flown at certain times of the year. Once the summer is over, we will have the time and weather to plant these new aviaries up a bit, and make them more pleasing to the eye.

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