Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Members Evening; this Saturday

A reminder for all the members of the British Wildlife Centre... This Saturday is our annual "Members Evening". For those of you that are members of the "Friends of the British Wildlife Centre", you are able to stay behind after 5pm when the rest of the public go, for an extra few hours at the Centre in the evening.

We will remain open until 8pm, and of course there will be some extra talks and feeds as usual.

The evening will kick off with the usual "Welcome Talk" at 5.30pm in our reception area, and then you will be free to wander around the Centre and meet with other members and our keepers.

There will be an extra couple of talks on animals not usually included in our talk schedule, and an extra couple of feeds for you to see the usual favourites up close.

Of course, as usual, the keepers will be around for you to talk to and ask questions if you so wish... including our three, not so newbies now, Tom, Daisy and Meg.

Are there any clues in these photos to the events of the evening?.. Who knows... No really, who knows... As usual I will sort a schedule on Friday depending on the animals and weather. But rest assured it will be a good, fun evening no matter what.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you here, members old and new, for another eventful evening.

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