Friday, 4 July 2014

Polecat Kits: Update

Mags' kits are really beginning to become a bit of a handful for her now. We first saw sightings of them above ground a week or so a go, but they have now really found their feet!

They are a lot less wobbly, and are very confident in exploring their home. It is great fun to see them run all over the pen, and especially around feed time when they are all vying for the food at once.

Mags is being a brilliant mum. This is her third litter, and she really has the hang of it now... good job with eight little ones to look after.

She likes to keep them all in one place, and so even with the kits now half the size of her, she is still dragging them back to the nest one at a time. Usually by the time she has got one or two back, another one or two have left again to go exploring! Eventually she gives up and just leaves them to it.

They will stay here over the summer, and then in the Autumn will go on to a release programme to help the continuing spread of wild polecats.

Below is a short video clip of the kits taken only yesterday, and for more photos of the youngsters don't forget to click on the "More BWC Photos" tab above.

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