Friday, 18 July 2014

Wildcat Haven

Over the past week the new "Wildcat Haven" website has been officially launched. Those that have visited the Centre will already know about the fantastic work they are doing to help save our last remaining cat in Britain, but if you want a reminder or just to read about it first hand, click on the link in their name. The new website is much easier to browse through, and gives great information on not only the conservation efforts which they are working towards, and have been for many years, but also the cats themselves. 

The Wildcat Haven is something we support wholeheartedly, and it is good to see that there are people out there who are actually doing something to try and save them rather than leave it till too late!

In other wildcat news, but continuing on with conservation efforts. One of our female kittens, Isla above, will be moving to the New Forest Wildlife Park next week to pair up with one of their males for the breeding programme. As part of the conservation work going on, we are part of the studbook which monitors all captive wildcats and the purity of those. Isla moving will not only give us more space to breed more kittens here, but also allow the NFWP to breed these cats, all which may possibly have a vital role in the future in releases in to the Wildcat Haven.

Isla is a beauty of a cat, and I personally will be very sorry to see here leave.

More cat pics under the "More BWC Photos" tab above.

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