Monday, 30 June 2014

Red Squirrel Kittens

This year has been a very successful year so far with our breeding red squirrels. Most of our holding group members have currently got litters of red squirrels running around, and we have several litters in our off-display breeding pens ready to be moved on.

Currently we are just looking to re-organise what we have both on and off site, but have plans for creating new breeding pairs in other locations around the country and are possibly helping with another pilot release programme later this year. More news on this to follow over the summer.

We have a litter of kittens in our walkthrough enclosure, but I thought I would show you this little handsome chap in one of our breeding pens. It is difficult to see on the photo, but his flanks, ear tufts and tail are very pale in colour. Stunning!

Don't forget members evening this coming Saturday!

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