Saturday, 7 June 2014

Photo Comp Winners Day

Last year George Wheelhouse won our BWC Photographic competition with an endearing close-up portrait of one of our water voles, selected by professional wildlife photographer Danny Green. As a prize for winning our third annual competition, George won an exclusive photographic day here at the Centre and booked in to claim his prize just over a month a go.

The timing was perfect for the bluebells, and so we made the most of them with a few carefully placed owls and a hedgehog. The weather was forecast to be a bit iffy, but we got very lucky and it avoided us for most of the evening. We even got a bit of late light!

After the bluebells, we set up some other owls for George to photograph down on our nature reserve, before heading back up to the Centre to look at some mammals.

Being an exclusive day with George being here on his own, allowed us to photograph animals which we can not offer on our normal photographic days, such as access to one of our pine marten enclosures.

We can also move other sets around, making the use of different backgrounds for our harvest mice for example.

It was a great evening, and I had a great time too in showing George around. We covered a lot of animals in the afternoon and evening he was here, and it is clear from the above that George went away with some stunning images.

To see more of George's work, have a look at his website

I'll leave the last words to George...

"I just wanted to thank you all again for a fantastic day there. I still can't believe I won, and how lucky I was to get such a fantastic prize. I'm encouraging everyone I know to enter this year." - George Wheelhouse

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