Saturday, 28 June 2014

Introducing Pine Martens

It is that time of year again when we introduce our pine martens together for the breeding season. As you know, I am desperate to breed ours as they are the last mammal for us to successful breed here at the Centre. Although we haven't bred them yet, the good news is that we have got them to live together each summer... a tricky task in itself, and each year we seem to get a little bit closer so... fingers crossed again this year.

I used to be on tenterhooks when introducing Bonnie and Clyde together, but they get on so well (maybe too well for breeding), that I had no fear this year, and using the run systems like we do each year today was the day when we opened them up and allowed them to meet face to face.

As usual, they pretty much ignored each other, but in a few weeks they will hopefully mate as they have in previous years, and then it is fingers crossed until next year to see if it has been successful.

While I was too busy keeping an eye on them, and making sure it all went well, it seemed Clyde was busy keeping an eye on me!.. Reassuring me I had nothing to worry about. Either that or he was impressed with the "Crocs"!...

We will still keep a close eye on them over the coming weeks to make sure they are settled, and not causing problems. We have not introduced Hamish and Buttons as Hamish is being... well... a bit of a sod to be honest, but we will see if it is possible in a weeks time. We may not risk it though as Buttons is an old girl now, and so possibly past the breeding age.

For more Pine Marten photos, click on the "More BWC Photos" tab above.

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