Friday, 20 June 2014

New Stoat on Display

We have had a young female stoat off-display for some time, and we recently decided to move her in to the middle of three stoat pens up the other end of the Centre, oppose it the polecats. I wish we had done it sooner, as she has settled in quickly and well, and has turned in to a real diva... enjoying having her photo taken.

The last couple of weekends has seen a lot of people keeping an eye open for her, and it is not only how relaxed she is generating the interest... look how beautiful she is! A real stunner, with little blond highlights either side of her head and around her ears.

Our other two stoats on display up there are also great for photography, but are really only active in the afternoon... and mainly around 3pm onwards. This little one is active most of the afternoon, and has also been seen out in the mornings too. So keep your eyes open.

If you do come to see her, and try to take photos of her, good luck! I know I said she was settled, but even a slow stoat is still very quick!

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