Monday, 16 June 2014

Water Vole Kits on Island

The last couple of weekends have seen a lot of attention around our water vole island. After a slow start to the year, and only fleeting glimpses of the adults, they have recently given birth to their second litter and these babies are currently spending much of the day exploring their home.

Peak activity still seems to be first thing in the morning, shortly after we open, and again nearer the end of the day before we close. If you are planning on visiting us over the coming weeks, please do make an effort to spend a bit of time down by our water voles. A little patience may be needed, but it will be reward with a beautiful sight of one of Britain's most endearing mammals.

They can be seen with the parents on the island, and swimming in the water. Their general pattern however seems to be swimming from one of the tunnels on to one of the smaller feeding islands, and then stopping off for a bite to eat. They do this back and forth for a while, before resting up and then coming out again in spells throughout the whole day.

Our water voles on the nature reserve are continuing to thrive too... I am getting daily reports of sightings of the wild voles, which is exciting news for us of course. The youngsters on the display island will eventually be released on to our reserve, a little further up the stream, to help encourage them to dissipate further afield. Having grown up our display island will give them a great start in life, as they will already know what wild food types are.

Keep you eyes peeled next time you are here for our water voles.

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