Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Red Deer Calf

I was going to officially launch the sister blog today, but after yesterday I just had to share this exciting news with you all. I was out in the deer paddock for a couple reasons... taking a photo, above, to continue the antler growth series we are working on, and to take some pictures of our fallow deer for a side project David, the owner, is working on.

As I started to drive out, something caught my eye in the grass, and low and behold we have our first red deer calf of 2014!

Unfortunately I had disturbed the fallow deer a little while photographing them, and they were wandering over to see this little calf, so I hung around to make sure they caused no trouble.

I was quite far away, these are close cropped photos, but after a while this little one got up and went off to join the herd where mum took her off to another safe spot.

She is only young, and likely only to have been born the night before or even yesterday morning. Keep your eyes peeled next time you are here, and if you see reddish brown blob in the grass... it may well be a calf!

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