Friday, 10 April 2015

Water Vole and Adder Update

Our water voles are settling very well, this past two weeks have been great for them to get used to people and cameras being around. Three are still a little timid, but do venture out if you are patient and quiet. The other however is as bold as anything... Often out, and often posing.

First thing when we open, and last half hour before we close are still the best times to try and see them. It is a little quieter then, and this is naturally when they are a little more active too.

Our adders are currently shedding, with only a couple left to go. You can see in the photo above the dramatic difference in before and after. The duller, brown one is a male adder before he sheds and the much more vivid and vibrant one on top is after shedding! What a difference.

This of course means dancing soon. I guess next week we will see it for the first time, but of course you will hear as soon as I know on this blog.

Even better news, the youngsters have now been seen out since last year. Aren't they just adorable little things?.. No?.. Hmm, ok. I do have a soft spot for them, and even if you don't think they are cute you have to still admire them.

This one curled up above rested on an are of the ground not much bigger than a 50p coin!

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