Monday, 28 May 2012

Babies on View

This past week we introduced some of our orphans into their new homes. Above is Ellis. Katie has done a great job in rearing little Ellis, but of course he has grown quickly and now needs more space to run around in.

We introduced him to Biscuit, and as you can see they settled down with each other straight away.

Biscuit seems to love the new company, and I am sure Ellis is loving his new foxy friend too. Keep an eye open form him in our second fox pen across the pathway... he is most likely to be seen later in the day, or of course when Katie is in there say hello.

Also now in their new homes are Sybil the stoat, and Eva the weasel pictured above. They are both housed in their respective enclosures in the hedgerow. Since they have been hand-reared, they are perfect for showing the school children and college students... and allow us to educate them about these fantastic ferocious predators. I have said it many times, but they really are so much better at what they do than the larger exotic predators.

Both Rich and Iz will spend much time with them still to keep them friendly, carrying on the good work they have started, but don't worry all you photographers out there... As you may have noticed already, we do have stoats and weasels back in our photographic pens too.

Eva put on a particular good show all day yesterday, meeting and greeting the public, much to the delight of a very proud mother, Richard.

Hopefully next year we can pair her up with a male, and she can become a mother herself and we can re-establish ourselves as weasel breeders.

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