Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Introducing Eva

After the recent arrival of Sybil, the stoat, this past week brought in a new orphaned mustelid that needed caring for. Meet "Eva" the weasel...

Eva was found in the middle of a road, still with her eyes closed and with no obvious signs of the mother or siblings being around. Being in such a precarious place, she was brought to us to take care of her. Look how tiny she is...

Weasels are the smallest of the mustelid family in Great Britain, and adult female weasel being able to squeeze through a wedding ring, but still have a viscous streak which allow them to hunt prey far bigger than they are. Even young rabbits aren't out of the question.

Rich is taking on the role of proud mother for little Eva, and once fully grown and weaned (Eva, not Rich), will be housed in our hedgerow enclosure next to our male weasel. This will allow our elderly female weasel to retire to one of the outside photographic pens for all of you budding photographers to enjoy.

You may be lucky enough to see Eva out and about on Sunday if you visit as I am sure Rich would like to show her off.

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