Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dormice on Camera

Earlier this year we struck up a new partnership with the Surrey Dormouse Group. They have developed a nest box which can house a small camera, and are hoping to be able to record rare footage of dormice in their nest boxes... and in particular how they build and construct their nests.

They have recorded much footage in the wild, but have still yet to acquire the nest building strategies of our only native dormice species. Therefor they cam to us to try and capture it on film with captive dormice.

We have the nest box camera set up in with one of our female dormice at the moment, and have already captured some rarely seen images including some nest building. It is all proving to be very promising, and we are hoping that between us we can capture something quite special over the Summer weeks.

Of course, once we get things all sorted out and video clips have been sorted and organised, then over the Summer I will post some of the better behaviour we have seen.

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